Honda Dazzler

Published: 22nd September 2010
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Typically Honda! Unlike the conserative Unicorn, Dazzler is slim, exciting and appealing. The front cowl gets a new treatment and Dazzler lookalike a smart businessman. Slim chin and chrome shades makes the headlamp very attractive. The instrument cluster just sits on top of headlamp cluster. The large shrouds like in the CB twister with embedded 3D Honda logo is the most attractive point in the dazzler. The tank sheds extra girth and now has good knee recess.

The nice blend of sharp panels of alternative colours - black and red makes the Dazzler more flashy. Dual tone seats are nice touch. The upswept muffler and tail section makes up for the Dazzler new found sporty appeal. The taillamp fails to cope up with front. Overall, Dazzler is much attractive and much sportier than Unicorn. But Dazzler resembles its younger sibling CB Twister at some angles which may not go well with prestige conscious Indian buyers. Honda Dazzler

On the paper, Dazzler doesn;t look exciting. It is not just because nobody can make better refined than one used in Unicorn but also because the numbers. Dazzler produces just 0.7bhp more than the Unicorn. The 149.1 cc Dazzler engine produces 14bhp of peak power at 8500rpm and 13Nm of peak torque 6500rpm. The one down four up gear box comes with toe only lever.

Turn on the ignition, scroll the throttle, the sporty exhaust note is sure surprise you. Unicorn owner could not believe that and may doubt about the Dazzler's refinement. The engine revs all the way to 9000rpm but without any vibration. Dazzler is 8kg lesser than Unicorn and generates 0.7bhp pushing up its power to weight ratio. Dazzler is more responsive and reaches 60kmph from standstill in 5 seconds. The top speed is in excess of 105kmph. Honda Dazzler returned a mileage of respectable 50kmpl.

No-one have ever doubted the ride characteristics of Unicorn - India's first bike with monoshock suspension at the rear, Dazzler carries forward the superior riding characteristics. Surprisingly, on the handling too the Dazzler sparkles. The slick design, the vibe free engine encourages you to take risk and hit the corners hard.

Dazzler is compact in every dimension compared to unicorn (15mm shorter, 22mm smaller in length and 12mm lesser ground clearance). Dazzler rides on 80/100 and 110/80 17? rubber. The 220mm rear disc work in sync with 240mm front disc and ensures safer stop from top speeds. Honda has carefully retained the Unicorn's longer wheelbase which aids to its stability. The brakes are very progressive and keeps you settled. Even you drive madly, there is less chance that you get skidded.

Dazzler sports alloy wheels,disc brakes at rear and front, dual tone seats, digital speedometer, digital clock, analogue tachometer,handlebar weight and open type maintenance free chain.

We were out completely taken aback the Dazzler. Dazzler is styled superbly,sporty, fuel efficient and rides good as well. More importantly, Dazzler comes with changes which every Unicorn customer wanted for. But only the sticker price breaks our enthusiasm. CB Unicorn Dazzler is Rs71,465. Even then we believe that Dazzler will rule the Indian roads for years.

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